PROMPT: Launch from the sentence-starter, “Teach me how to…,” and keep your pen moving for 6 minutes.

Peek into the hidden corners of your characters by having them do this prompt.

As always, you’re encouraged to post your unedited response(s) to the prompt in the comments section of this post. By doing so, you stand up for this important, but oft-neglected, wild and wooly part of the creative process.

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3 responses to “Teach

  1. Teach Me How To…play fair, to know when time is up. Teach me how to laugh, to not worry about how my hair looks. Teach me the art of breathing, of waking up early. Teach me how to run, because I lumber. Teach me to reminisce, to put on the cloak of someone else’s experience, to forget myself. Teach me how to repair a screen door. Teach me how to see the other…4? 5? colors of the rainbow. Teach me to shake it off, to ignore it, as a first step toward actually enjoying it. Teach me what it sounds like inside your head…teach me what I sound like. Teach me to admire the ocean from closer up, to dress up once in a while. Teach me to enjoy hard liquor, so I can empty out that cabinet and put something useful inside…or at least hide away some of the clutter around here. Teach me about teaching…about temper and learning styles and being a stern but respected friend. Teach me to lose control, to let something…anything…bleed through.

  2. Teach me how to climb mountains fight wars make peace be quiet. Teach me how to stop the dog from barking how to become invisible how to bear being seen how to stop for one second before I say the the words that really by all accounts never needs to be said. Teach me how to know when to sally into the fray and when to sit this one out. Teach me how to be just be like a llama leaping a dog rolling in the grass a cat sleeping. Teach me how to hear what people mean not just what they say. Teach me how to go back in forth in time extrapolate from present data imagine if-then and act accordingly. Teach me how to make time last longer (sometimes) and how to endure the times that I wish would be shorter.

  3. Teach me how to create a great story line that grabs the reader, is fun to explore and write. Why are all the ideas I dream up deal with drama and misfortune? I don’t want to spend time in that type of space… Soooooo I am searching for a new topic that will be fun to write, explain something to me about human nature, be entertaining to read and also have a subliminal message of hope of some kind. Obviously I am in a bit of a block at the moment and looking for inspiration. Maybe I should start with a kooky character or a weird life situation and simply write and he story will come. Everything else I have written has started with the idea starter of “what if…happened, and the story flowed naturally from there…. I am now having trouble dealing with the …

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