PROMPT: Launch from the sentence-starter, “I didn’t speak up when…,” and keep your pen moving for 6 minutes.

Peek into the hidden corners of your characters by having them do this prompt.

As always, you’re encouraged to post your unedited response(s) to the prompt in the comments section of this post. By doing so, you stand up for this important, but oft-neglected, wild and wooly part of the creative process.

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2 responses to “Up

  1. I didn’t speak up when they complimented me. I didn’t do so because I wanted to believe, so badly, they were right. I wanted to reap in the reward of the present and soak up the attention of the moment. I didn’t speak up when I knew they gave me too much credit for my work, but there would be time for that later, there would be time to put myself down in the future; for now I was a star, I was the person everyone admired for my abilities. I could have corrected them, undermining my success and going back to the quiet, unnoticed student who sits in the corner. I didn’t speak up when it would have been so easy to do. I let them believe because it made me believe in myself. Seeing the impressed faces and the unbelieving eyes made me feel powerful. It made me confident. It gave me the inspiration I needed to keep going and let go of my fears. It enabled me to take a deep breath and just let go. I didn’t speak up when they complimented me because I didn’t want to, or need to.

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