PROMPT: Launch from the sentence-starter, “I rid myself of…,” and keep your pen moving for 6 minutes.

Peek into the hidden corners of your characters by having them do this prompt.

As always, you’re encouraged to post your unedited response(s) to the prompt in the comments section of this post. By doing so, you stand up for this important, but oft-neglected, wild and wooly part of the creative process.

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2 responses to “Rid

  1. I rid myself of expectations, or so I would like to think so. In truth I expect a lot. I expect to wake up every morning feeling great. I expect to have shelter, food, and people I can count on. These are basic, but these are my basic expectations. After that I am not sure what I expect. Perhaps to be engaged… Yes for sure to be engaged in life. To explore new things, learn new things, to laugh, to be at peace. These are truly my expectations, and the joy of it —is that I have all these and more. I am an extremely lucky woman. …. the fun of a new puppy helps me feel connected even when I am lonely…. How can I help but be fulfilled. In truth I would have to work at being anything other than grateful…….

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